There are voices that are not heard that should be, businesses and business leaders trying or hoping to be seen or heard that aren’t seen or heard as well as they might be, and those of us in a position to do something to help with that.

Since starting my working life around 25 years ago I have consistently held a strong interest in business growth, marketing and communications, how you articulate what a business has to offer for its and its clients or users benefit, and increasingly I’ve done that internationally across a variety of markets and industries. 

I have spent around the first half of that time based in the UK and the second half largely based in Bulgaria. So with my network similarly split between the opposite ends of Europe, it seemed complete sense to crack on with this new initiative, BULTRA – The Bulgarian Tech Trading Company. A JV partnership of tech companies with a base or established resources in Bulgaria, and with international growth ambitions of one form or another.

Our purpose is to help and support small to medium sized Bulgarian tech companies in their efforts to be or become more visible and grow their businesses through the UK market and beyond. 

In a nutshell, we promote our BULTRA partners businesses on our website, through proactive campaigns and joint initiatives, intelligently disseminated content, and especially through trading and other, largely virtual for now, regular events we run with prospective trading partners, who may be interested in integrating our partners products and solutions into their businesses. We do this with the support of an expanding network of international contacts, specialists and growth agents in the UK and beyond.

Joining me in this endeavour as BULTRA co-founders and JV partners are Stan Boychev, a seasoned senior Bulgarian tech team builder and leader – and CEO of eLando, as BULTRA Technical Director; and fellow Sofia based Brit, Lance Nelson, an ex Barclays banker, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of App Factory, who joins as our Client Services Director.

We are all based in Sofia but we will be working closely with specialist associates and growth partners based in the UK and elsewhere, that you’ll hear more about, along with the BULTRA partners, in the coming days and weeks. The concept has been brewing for over two years and the 2020 pandemic has in many ways focused minds and brought to a head the value of combining the cost, effort and risk of working together as supportive, complimentary international growth partners.

So if you’re a small to medium sized Bulgarian technology company or have established teams or resources in Bulgaria and are looking to work with similar partner companies in raising your international profile and network, we’d be really interested to hear from you. Becoming a partner is designed to be very cost-effective and there are a number of ways we can arrange this. Then once onboard we’ll do our best to make you visible and connecting with the right people through our digital spaces, events and international contact network.

Then if you’re based outside Bulgaria and are interested in working with or hearing more about the opportunities to work with or integrate the solutions provided by the Bulgarian tech companies we represent, we’d naturally, also love to hear from you too.

Myself and the other BULTRA tech partners can easily arrange an initial chat to get to know each other and understand any potential requirements, or you can attend one of our regular events.

Here’s the brand new website

For an initial chat or consultation reach out to us here –

We will be doing alot of virtual events, with a handful scheduled between now and mid January…

…Next Wednesday 18th Nov it’s our third Sofia – London CityConnect event – our eighth CityConnect event overall – which have proved an effective way to present you and your business and build relevant network connections, virtually, at both ends of Europe.

The following Wednesday 25h Nov it’s the BULTRA Tech Digital Launch where you’ll have an opportunity to hear from the BULTRA team about our plans and activities, about partnering with us or becoming a partner, as well as meet the team and some of the partners, virtually at least.

Check-out all our forthcoming events here –

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