So Stan is one of the founding partners and a director of BULTRA Tech, and despite the challenges of 2020, it has been his determination to crack on with doing business, in-spite of all the setbacks we have all experienced, that has been fundamental to making BULTRA become a reality.

So, here are some more insights into Stan’s World…

Tell us about Stan
I have been involved in managing software businesses for many years, and eLando has been a main focus now for the last 3 1/2 years.

Why you do what you do?
I think it’s what I do best. I started out as a junior dev engineer, and it’s always been my dream job, from when I was a kid and a student.

Gradually I’ve moved up into management, having essentially worked my way up through all the levels on the tech and management side to C level roles in some of Bulgaria’s largest technology players. But I have kept abreast of the latest tech trends and news of course. Now I’ve moved from a more operations focus to the more people side of things – vision, people management, sales and account management.

Tell us more about eLando
It’s a growing software development business with big ambitions. We’re just at the beginning really, though we have already secured Allianz, the World’s largest financial services company, as a client, and we have a vast network of business and delivery partners in Bulgaria and around Europe through whom we source and deliver for clients.

What’s the eLando story?
We started out in Summer 2017 with my business partner, Dimitar, who I joined forces with to create this brand new business, and we had grown from 10 to 30 people by 2020.
Now we’re working intensively with similar companies to ours and have formed BULTRA Tech, which is focused on expansion of each of our client bases internationally, beyond Bulgaria to markets like the UK and US. BULTRA represents and positions Bulgarian tech companies in other markets, and we run a lot of events which allow us to meet a variety of potential trading partners and customers.

So we’re optimistic about significant expansion to the UK and US next year.

Stan’s people
I have two kids, a second year uni student doing software engineering in Sofia, and the younger at a prestigious Spanish high school in the city.
My wife is also starting an interesting job in the nuclear research institute, so I’m very happy for her.

A passion
I love a good book, when I have time, I love nothing more than to unwind over a Yuva Harari futurist novel or some other sci-fi or fantasy book.

Views on 2020
At a personal level it has been an interesting year, we experienced several lockdowns and re-openings, I finally got Covid in November and am glad it seemed to be mild, but there was still 11 days of concern, before it ended without any obvious consequences.
My kids have had an interesting year too, they learn remotely from home now.
Hopefully, with the vaccines now seemingly on our doorstep, some of the enforced changes will revert back soon, we’ll see.

Thoughts on 2021
I feel optimistic overall, I hope the pandemic will be largely past its worst by the middle of the year, and we can return to all the good things we had before and some new upsides too, like a World more comfortable and accustomed to working with offsite / nearshore resources, as we offer.
So I feel this has already really broadened the potential market for our services.
I expect eLando to grow significantly, we even grew in 2020, and post-crisis I hope we will see a sharp recovery that we can certainly benefit from.

Claim to fame
As a teenager, two years running I came out as one of the top 10 Computer Science students in the Bulgarian National Olympiad. (so remember that if you work with Stan’s team you really are working with one of the best!)


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